Jennifer and Melanie are not just my sisters, they are my best friends.They’re the first people I go to for their painfully honest advice and they’re the last people I would ever need to explain myself to. Though they are incredibly different, some might say polar opposites, they’re so much of the reason I am who I am. It’s their contradictory approaches to life that has given me the ability to wholeheartedly understand a situation in two completely opposite ways.  I feel so lucky to have them as my sisters and my maids of honor!

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer & Melanie

  1. You might be lucky to have Jennifer and Melanie as sisters but I am the lucky one to have all 3 of you as my beautiful, wonderful, amazing daughters. And this wedding is truly a day to celebrate as we add Marnie to this crazy family. So excited!!

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  2. Love u both (and especially u mama) for everything and making us all who we are!!! Can’t wait for this wonderful day and let get this party started!


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