Lindsay & Whitney:

Lindsay and Whitney (aka Shindsin and Shwi) are my older sisters and best friends. We’ve come a long way from getting yelled at for giggling in the backseat on the way home from El Cholo’s and I’m incredibly proud of both of them and all their accomplishments. They have given me so much to aspire…

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Brett & Alex

There’s no one I’d rather argue and fight with than Brett and Alex. Whether it was Brett putting fake spiders in my bed when we were kids, or Alex peeing in the cars of boys who liked me high school, they’ve always been good at pushing me to my limit and I love them for…

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Jennifer & Melanie

Jennifer and Melanie are not just my sisters, they are my best friends.They’re the first people I go to for their painfully honest advice and they’re the last people I would ever need to explain myself to. Though they are incredibly different, some might say polar opposites, they’re so much of the reason I am who…

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