Ashley and Rebecca met at St. Joes. Rebecca was a Freshman, Ashley was a junior. They both played volleyball and threw for the track team. Rebecca looked up to Ash and thought it would be cool if they could be sisters. She then made it her life’s mission to get Ashley and her brother Brett…

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Kacie and Rebecca were forced to be friends at age 3. Their older siblings played sports together and their parents were great friends. They fought a lot as children, rolling down grass hills, pulling each others hair out. Kacie and Rebecca friendship really ignited in high school at St. Joes, only this time it was by…

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Meghan and Rebecca met playing club volleyball during fourth grade. They ended up at the same high school, St. Joes, where they had “tramp talks” (talks on the trampoline at night), played on several more sports teams together and helped each other through their first broken hearts. Rebecca remains friends with Meghan because she makes really awesome cupcakes!

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 Aimee and Rebecca met in high school at St. Joes. They became close when they were both chosen to be part of the Campus Ministry their junior year. They also both LOVED to sing and sang together in at the many of their high school’s masses.  Aimee, Kacie, Meghan and Rebecca all became known as…

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Amanda was Rebecca first real friend at CSUN, where they met in the dorms. They were probably the only two people in Segura Hall (their dorm building) who loved country music. They continued living together after the dorms in their very first off-campus apartment.  Between nights of dancing at The Abbey in West Hollywood, Amanda introduced Rebecca…

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