Tawny and I met freshman year of high school in an extremely boring history class. Both very weird people, we often disrupted class by singing songs together and many would say we did the best morning announcements Sunny Hills High School had ever seen. 2012 brought us back into the same city (NYC), which led to great memories, amazing Citibike rides, many wonderful sleepovers at our apartment and so much more. I’m so happy Tawny is a part of our wedding, having her there always means more fun and laughter (especially if you’ve ever heard Tawny laugh!).

One thought on “Tawny:

  1. have i told you lately….
    have i told you there’s no one else…
    you fill my heart with…
    take away all my…
    ease my troubles that what you do.

    the boys are back in town!!


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