Lauren is my oldest and dearest friend. We have been friends since before pre-school, when we wore matching outfits and were mistaken for twins (FYI: Lauren is Asian and I’m not). Lauren and Rebecca have also become very close over the past four years (which included a monumental West Hollywood Pride weekend and an amazing…

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Melissa and I met freshman year of high school when I couldn’t tell Melissa apart from her sister. Naturally, a beautiful, strong friendship grew from there and included a lot of eating and video game playing and feeling sick after eating too much. Melissa somehow tolerates my craziness and continues to hang out with me despite it.…

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Tawny and I met freshman year of high school in an extremely boring history class. Both very weird people, we often disrupted class by singing songs together and many would say we did the best morning announcements Sunny Hills High School had ever seen. 2012 brought us back into the same city (NYC), which led…

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Jamie and I met freshman year of college. Jamie initially thought I was the most annoying person in the world, but eventually had a change of heart and begrudgingly allowed me to essentially move into her dorm room (my roommate was the worst). This would mark the start of a beautiful friendship of Jamie often…

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