It all started one hot spring in 2011…

Marnie comes home from two years in The Gambia, West Africa (Peace Corps). Rebecca is in her senior year at Cal. State Northridge (CSUN).

After living in a Muslim country where being gay is punishable by death, Marnie wants to be “AS GAY AS POSSIBLE” and decides to volunteer at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center’s political activism branch,Vote for Equality (VFE).

Marnie recruits volunteers at CSUN, Rebecca’s college campus.

Rebecca and Marnie lock eyes for the first time at a VFE meeting, where Marnie is giving a presentation.

Rebecca has a big time crush!

**Marnie has no idea**

Rebecca starts to casually stalk Marnie online, reading all of Marnie’s Peace Corps blogs and begins flirting shamelessly.

Commence late night hangs (in groups). Gay bars. LGBT activism of all sorts. Texting galore.

Marnie still couldn’t take a hint

Rebecca graduates… moves to West Hollywood – .8 miles from where Marnie lives.

Marnie gets hired at VFE. Rebecca works at a tech company.

They start dating causally.

Rebecca teaches Marnie about large Goyim families, talking less and republicans. Marnie teaches Rebecca about food cuisines, New York Jews and better communication.

6 months later, they U-haul and move into 935 San Vicente.

(U-haul’ing is a word used to describe lesbians who move very quickly toward commitment. Derived from the joke: What do lesbians bring to a second date? Answer: a U-haul.)

Marnie is accepted to Columbia Business School in NYC.

After only 8 months of dating, they move to NYC, agreeing to live there for only two years, while Marnie completes B-School.

NYC is a huge challenge… thank goodness for Shwi (Marnie’s sister Whitney)! but they get through the rough patches and their relationship deepens

One chilly fall morning, Marnie surprises Rebecca with the sweetest, most beautiful proposal in Central Park

Marnie graduates from school and they move back to California together, as promised. Another new city, another new challenge, but they’re seasoned pros and settle in fast.

Rebecca starts working at a LARGE and awesome non-profit, Samaritan House, doing Public Relations, a dream job for her.

Marnie starts work at GOOGLE!!! in the Finance Operations Department

They find they love each other more and more each day…

And here we are!